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hybrid kitchen 200

Multifunctional unit for refining, cooking, baking and cooling.

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Product Profile

hybrid kitchen® 200 is suitable for regenerating, simmering, baking, core temperature simmering, steaming and simultaneous cooking at different chamber temperatures. Simultaneous hot and cold holding. Passive cooling throughout appliance interior. Application temperature range up to +200 °C, can be cooled passively by e.g. cooling pellets. Rated voltage 1 N AC 230 V 50 Hz, with electric control and core temperature sensor. Total weight 69 kg.

With electromagnetic steam control/steam outlet – controlled from the outside. Special functional door with separately controlled heating systems and fans as well as user-friendly door lock. For safety reasons, door can only be opened in 2 steps. This prevents the steam from escaping in the direction of the user. 

Electronic control for various functions. hybrid kitchen® 200 has a closed top and a moulded shape for stacking. Hygienic design H3. Functional door, can be removed for easy cleaning of the appliance.


L x W x H 662 x 870 x 981 mm
Specific dimensions Support rails: 16 pair (deep-drawn)
Volume/Filling volume 78 l
Weight 69 kg
Connected load 3,5 kW
Rated voltage 1 N AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
Applications up to +200 °C
Order no. 85 01 09 11

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